The Healing Crystal Energy of Sunstone

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Sunstone is quite a popular crystal that has the power to heal the emotions. It can be quite useful in calming your temperament during periods of grief, trauma or stress. Sunstone also brings up your spiritual self and gives you more energy for life!

The stone contains copper crystals that help carry the sun’s energies into the gemstone. In addition to copper, Sunstones contain calcium or sodium aluminum silicate. Some may have traces of titanium oxide giving it an additional reddish color which makes the stones more valuable to collectors. These types of stones are called “Spectrolite.”

Crystal Healing Benefits of Sunstone

  • Because Sunstones contain copper, they are often used to heal the emotions. These crystals can help you accomplish this by calming your temperament during periods of grief, trauma or stress. They also soothe feelings of anger and irritability, making them particularly useful if you feel “hot-tempered.”
  • Sunstones are believed to be beneficial for the liver by helping with infections and releasing toxins. Primarily though, these stones are known as an emotional healer. Many people believe that Sunstones can restore inner peace after a crisis or traumatic life event. The stones are thought to increase confidence and personal power while decreasing fear of others’ opinions. They’re also associated with creativity because they enhance self-expression!
  • Sunstones are great stones to pick if you’re feeling fatigued or tired. The stone can also be used to provide power and strength in your goals. Whether it’s spiritual goals, physical goals or emotional goals; Sunstone will help you achieve them!
  • Many people believe that Sunstones can help with the pituitary gland and encourage better health of the endocrine system. They’re also known to be a mild sedative, capable of relieving stress related insomnia.
  • To use your Sunstones for emotional healing, keep them in the room you spend most time in or carry it around in your pocket throughout the day. The sun is associated with happiness and joy, so keeping these stones near will provide you with more positive feelings!
  • In addition to wanting to spread positivity around yourself, you should consider giving a Sunstone as a thoughtful present to someone else. These crystals are often given during births to bring about good luck and protection for new parents.

If you’re looking for a powerful and beautiful crystal to incorporate into your life, Sunstone is perfect. Crystals have been used throughout history as tools of healing, heightening intuition, promoting health and spirituality in the world around us. If you need any of these things then we encourage you to look into our Kaysoo Original Sunstone Bracelet!

Kaysoo ‘Original’ Sunstone Bracelet

The Kaysoo Original Sunstone Bracelet is an original design that combines the power of sunstone with clear quartz stone for a beautiful and powerful piece. Kaysoo are handmade Crystal bracelets. Sue and Kate are highly skilled in their art and use materials that are all ethnically sourced.

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