The Healing Crystal Energy of Citrine

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Citrine is a member of the Quartz family and due to its popularity, it has been given many names such as “The Merchant’s Stone”, “Money Stone” and “Stone of Wealth”. Although Citrine may be a light yellow, orange or brown color, it is often heat-treated into a colorless crystal. When heat-treated, Citrine turns into a golden yellow color. Heat-treated Citrine is sometimes sold as “Citrine Aurum”.

Citrine brings good fortune; it stimulates the intellect; encourages self-expression; releases negative traits like anger or jealousy more easily than other stones do; relieves depression without making one lethargic or bored. It helps people who are stuck in old patterns of behavior by encouraging them to break out of their rigid ways of thinking about themselves and others

It also helps remove bad habits because it makes people feel more confident. They can ask themselves, “What would I like to do if I didn’t have this bad habit?” Then they will be able to choose something better. For example, let’s say someone has a problem with drinking too much coffee every day; he may not know how to stop this habit at first.

Citrine treats self-limiting patterns that keep us from getting what we want in life; it also helps overcome destructive habits; then there is an increase of joy and energy because past limitations are removed. It opens up new channels of creativity and humor, allowing them to come forth naturally at the best times for everyone involved!

People who feel restricted by their jobs or social roles can use citrine to break out of those limitations.

Crystal Healing Benefits of Citrine

Citrine is a powerful balancer and healer also known as the success crystal. Balancing both left brain and right brain energies, Citrine helps to balance your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions with those of others around you. It promotes clarity in perception which opens the way for motivation and enthusiasm.

Protects Against Scams and Fraud

Citrine provides the owner with protection against scams, frauds, or any other type of deception that may arise. It helps build your self-confidence and will make you feel safe. It will build a wall of protection around you, disallowing anyone from being deceitful or fraudulent towards you.

Cleanses the Emotional and Astral Bodies

It is also known as a cleansing stone, helping to purify and protect our mental, emotional and astral bodies. Citrine will help remove negative thoughts and make you more positive. It will help us to let go of our past emotional pains and experiences, cleansing the body of negativity.

Cleanses the Aura

It helps detoxify your aura by removing any unwanted or harmful energy that may reside within it. 

Cleanses the Chakra System

It is a stone of manifestation and will help cleanse the chakras as well, helping to balance you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Use Citrine For Meditation

This gemstone will help you to meditate more easily and effortlessly. Just place Citrine on the 3rd eye chakra before beginning your meditation ritual.

Cleanses Your Home

Place a piece of Citrine under your pillow to prevent nightmares from coming into your dreams, or place it at home or in the workplace for purification purposes.

Other Uses For This Stone

Citrine has many other uses such as balancing your hormones, cleansing your house, and preventing nightmares. This stone will also help to develop creativity and self-esteem. It helps control anger, removing all negative thoughts and emotions. The bearer will feel happy and content at all times when carrying Citrine with them.

To be effective, Citrine should be placed directly on the body. Wearing this stone on your wrist or keeping it in your pocket will produce amazing results. It is one of the most powerful stones to use when combating nightmares and insomnia, purifying the mind.

If you wish to receive all these benefits, then incorporate Citrine directly into your life. It will improve your life in many ways and will also help to relieve any stress that you may be feeling. Citrine is a powerful gemstone that should be owned by everyone who wishes to receive its full benefits. From the moment you wear it, you will feel better and overcome any negative thoughts this stone touches. If you need any of these things then we encourage you to look into our Kaysoo Original Citrine Bracelet!

Kaysoo ‘Original’ Citrine Bracelet

The Kaysoo Original Citrine Bracelet is an original design that combines the power of citrine with clear quartz stone for a beautiful and powerful piece. Kaysoo is handmade Crystal bracelets. Sue and Kate are highly skilled in their art and use materials that are all ethnically sourced. They hope you enjoy wearing your bracelet as much as they enjoyed creating it for you.

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