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Rhodonite & Quartz Crystal Bracelet



Fashion and Healing in one bracelet!
Perfect for everyday wear, helping to bring balance to your own energies and offer self healing and energy protection.
The Kaysoo Original Crystal Bracelet offers more than the energy healing from your chosen crystal, it is a ‘working’ piece of jewellery designed to heal, deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies.
A unique design including Quartz crystal is what makes this bracelet a very powerful self healing tool!
Protecting ourselves on an Energy level has become more important than ever, technology is getter more advanced all the time and electromagnetic energies can and do have a negative effect on our own energy field.


  • Strengthens love and relationships
  • Aids psychic abilities
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Aid grief and mourning
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Promotes trust in others and situations
  • Connect to the heart and base chakras

Soothing, Self Healing, Confidence
Rhodonite is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and helps to strengthen relationships. It’s a great comforter and aids grief and mourning.
It promotes trust in others and in situations.

This stone stimulates, clears and activates the heart and base chakra, it dispels negative energy.
It grounds energy, balances yin-yang and aids in achieving ones highest potential, great for aiding psychic abilities.
Rhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past-whatever that may be. It’s also very beneficial for stress and anxiety relief.


  • Amplifies Energy.
  • Aids Concentration & Memory.
  • Helps to balance energetic system.
  • Protects against electromagnetic energies.
  • Stimulates immune system and brings body back into balance.
  • Clear Quartz harmonies, balances and aligns all the chakras.

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing amplifier on the Planet! It amplifies the Energy of any other crystal it’s paired with.

It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and it’s excellent at unblocking it too.

Clear Quartz aids Concentration and unlocks Memory.

It helps to stimulate the immune system to bring our body back into balance. It’s a very powerful self healing tool.

Clear Quartz helps to protect against electromagnetic energies, something we are exposed to everyday that has a negative effect on our energy field.

Clear Quartz harmonies, balances and aligns all the chakras.

All of our Jewellery is packaged in beautiful bespoke boxes and include information cards about the Jewellery and Crystal properties.
We also cover all our Jewellery with our Kaysoo promise.

All of our Jewellery is designed to stack together!
Stack a collection of Kaysoo Originals and add in some Sterling Silver and Quartz Stacking Bracelet’s and the Kaysoo 3 Bead Sterling Silver and Crystal Bracelets too stack with them too!

The beauty of collecting from the different ranges is being able to create different stacks, looks and combinations everyday!

We have matching 3 bead Bracelets to all of our Kaysoo Original bracelets making a beautiful combination.

We Ship Worldwide and can send direct to a recipient if you are purchasing as a gift.
Gifting crystals is a beautiful gift of Love and Healing, our Crystal Bracelets make a perfect present for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Prom and Graduation Days.. Any occasion you can think of!

Crystals are a natural and holistic approach to self care and healing and worn daily can be very beneficial to our daily lives.


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The Kaysoo Original Bracelet is designed to be worn as a close fit due to its unique design in helping to deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies. If you prefer a looser more traditional fit bracelet please choose a size according to the size chart allowing the room you prefer.
Our size guides go by your wrist measurement, measure around your wrist close to the bone and have it at a comfortable place. If you are between sizes choose the larger size as it’s better to have it looser than too tight.

We have 5 sizes available from X-Small to X-Large, but if your measurements are outside of these please contact us and we can make you one to your measurements, no charge or problem at all.

Our Wrist Size Measurements are-
X- Small – 14-15cm and under
Small – 16-17cm
Medium – 18-19cm
Large – 20-21cm
X-Large – 21-22cm

The bracelets go up in 2x 8mm beads per size.


The Kaysoo Promise is our promise to you of great customer service. In the unlikely event that your Kaysoo Bracelet needs restringing within 3 months of purchase, we will restring and include any lost beads free of charge including postal charges. Outside of this time, there will be a small handling charge and postal costs. If you have any questions at all about the care/ wear of your Kaysoo purchase we promise we are here to help.


To put your bracelets on, roll them onto your wrist so as not to overstretch them, we advise removing them the same way.
We advise removing our jewellery when showering/bathing to prevent any damage.

All of our Silver beads are Sterling Silver and our Gold are 14k Gold Filled, to keep these looking shiny we recommend using on of our Kaysoo cleaning cloths.
Keep your Jewellery either in the box it came in or on one of our bracelet stands to keep it safe when not wearing.

Pictures are a good representative of what you will receive, but as crystals are natural, everyone is unique. Please also note that the color may vary slightly due to monitor differences.

Weight .049 kg

XSmall: 14-15 CM & UNDER, Small: 16-17 CM, Medium: 18-19 CM, Large: 20-21 CM, XLarge: 22-23 CM


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