Kaysoo 'Fibromyalgia Crystal Energy Support

Fibromyalgia Energy Support Crystal Bracelet


Fibromyalgia Energy Support Crystal Bracelet

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Fibromyalgia can leave us feeling out of balance on many levels and flare ups are just not fun!

The aches and pains, brain fog and all the other stresses and symptoms that come with it leave us depleted and out of balance on a energy level as well a physically, mentally and emotionally.

Creating a combination of crystals into a healing bracelet to not only help you when you are experiencing the flare ups and unwanted symptoms, we wanted to create a combination that provides a good and strong support to you on a daily basis.

Sue and Kate both have Fibromyalgia and so creating a bracelet that helped them has been so important.

“ It’s been a great energetic support for us and we have tried several different combinations, but in our own experience this one has been the best so we wanted to share with anyone else who wanted to try the healing and support too.”

Worn daily the Kaysoo Fibromyalgia Support bracelet offers crystal healing energy from a combination of 4 different crystals-

Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, along with Clear Quartz and Sterling Silver beads in the Kaysoo original style bracelets.

Blending crystal energy creates a unique energy vibration, a combination of support, healing and balance. Each size has the same Crystal combination but as the number of beads vary between sizes the top beads will vary depending on your size. All the bracelets end with Rainbow Moonstone by the 3 Quartz.

FIBROMYALGIA CRYSTAL BRACELET- Energy Support and Crystal Healing

Our Kaysoo Fibromyalgia Crystal bracelets are the same unique design as the Kaysoo Original Bracelet collection. Using the addition of Quartz crystal in a unique style to Kaysoo, the Original Crystal bracelets are designed to help deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies. Wear the Single Quartz bead on the top and the 3 Quartz beads on the underside of your wrist.

The Fibromyalgia Support bracelet is a blended mix of crystals in addition the the Clear Quartz, that have all been carefully selected to help support the energy field of those who suffer symptoms from Fibromyalgia.

The crystals we have blended together are-
Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst.


Rainbow Moonstone brings balance, harmony and hope.
Enhances creativity, passion, endurance and inner confidence.
Aids our understanding of what isn’t always obvious.
Aids intuition and brings the wearer hope and optimism.
Aids mental clarity, a great stone for anyone feeling stuck or weighed down in life.


“Good fortune”
Stimulates intellect
Encourages self expressions
Releases negative traits
Fears & phobias
Good fortune & success


“The stone of unconditional love”
Soft soothing energy
Replaces with negativity with loving vibes
Opens the heart to give and receive love
Deep inner healing
Promotes self love


“Master healer”
Inner peace
Aids sleep


Amplifies Energy.
Aids Concentration & Memory.
Helps to balance energetic system.
Protects against electromagnetic energies.
Stimulates immune system and brings body back into balance.
Clear Quartz harmonies, balances and aligns all the chakras.

A blended crystal energy makes a unique healing vibration. Worn daily the crystal energy can connect and work with your own energy field, offering balance and healing to support you throughout the day.

We offer 5 size options and each size has the same Crystal combination but as the number of beads vary between sizes the top beads will vary depending on your own wrist size. All the bracelets end with Rainbow Moonstone by the 3 Quartz.

If you are looking for a gift for someone you know who suffers from fibromyalgia and they love Jewellery or crystals, a crystal healing bracelet would be a lovely gift to give. We offer a gift service and can add in a personal message and send direct to the recipient.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If this is the energy you need today, Sending you love, healing and light. Xx



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It is designed to be worn as a close fit due to its unique design in helping to deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies. If you prefer a looser more traditional fit bracelet please choose a size according to the size chart allowing the room you prefer.
Our size guides go by your wrist measurement, measure around your wrist close to the bone and have it at a comfortable place. If you are between sizes choose the larger size as it’s better to have it looser than too tight.

We have 5 sizes available from X-Small to X-Large, but if your measurements are outside of these please contact us and we can make you one to your measurements, no charge or problem at all.

Our Wrist Size Measurements are-
X- Small – 14-15cm and under
Small – 16-17cm
Medium – 18-19cm
Large – 20-21cm
X-Large – 21-22cm

The bracelets go up in 2x 8mm beads per size.


The Kaysoo Promise is our promise to you of great customer service. In the unlikely event that your Kaysoo Bracelet needs restringing within 3 months of purchase, we will restring and include any lost beads free of charge including postal charges. Outside of this time, there will be a small handling charge and postal costs. If you have any questions at all about the care/ wear of your Kaysoo purchase we promise we are here to help.


To put your bracelets on, roll them onto your wrist so as not to overstretch them, we advise removing them the same way.
We advise removing our jewellery when showering/bathing to prevent any damage.

All of our Silver beads are Sterling Silver and our Gold are 14k Gold Filled, to keep these looking shiny we recommend using on of our Kaysoo cleaning cloths.
Keep your Jewellery either in the box it came in or on one of our bracelet stands to keep it safe when not wearing.

Pictures are a good representative of what you will receive, but as crystals are natural, everyone is unique. Please also note that the color may vary slightly due to monitor differences.

Weight .049 kg

XSmall: 14-15 CM & UNDER, Small: 16-17 CM, Medium: 18-19 CM, Large: 20-21 CM, XLarge: 22-23 CM


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