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All of our crystals are ethnically sourced and are of high quality crystal.

We use Sterling Silver beads within our bracelets and as our 3 bead signature in the Kaysoo “Togetherness” Crystal Bracelets.
If we can help you in anyway, please get in touch, we are always happy to help.
We offer Gift Vouchers for when your not sure which bracelet to choose! and we also offer a Bespoke service to design a bracelet for your own healing needs.

Happy KAYSOO Shopping!
Kate & Sue x


The Kaysoo ‘Original’ has been developed, backed by years of experience, trialing and testing to create the finished product, to create a bracelet that can help to offer a very powerful deflection from negative energy which we encounter during our days.
Worn correctly, the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Is a very Powerful Healing Tool!

Want to create your own Kaysoo Original Bracelet? No problem! Choose from our range of crystals available and we will do the rest! Please contact us if you have any questions about which crystals to choose.

KAYSOO 3 Bead Crystal Bracelet’s
A mix between a bracelet in its own right and a stacker for the Kaysoo Original bracelets, the Kaysoo 3 Bead bracelets are a finer look and also look amazing stacked together!

Our Fibromyalgia support set consists of a Kaysoo Fibromyalgia Crystal Bracelet and a FREE Body Soothing Meditation. Supporting your energy field and targeting the areas needed most for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia- soothing the nerves and easing the ache.

Our Kaysoo Stacking Bracelets are made in various designs made with AAA Grade Clear Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver beads, a great addition to your Kaysoo collection or to wear on its own.

Stack them next to your Kaysoo ‘Original’s, in between or either side.
The possibilities are endless!

Smart looking, White Agate and Onyx make a great duo and offer a positive energy to help with your day.
The Monochrome Collection has the same Unique Design as the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Bracelets, so you get the same protection and energetic benefits from the Clear Quartz.

Kaysoo Togetherness is a set of 2 High Quality Crystal Bracelets that both share a bead from each other’s so you always feel connected to the other person.
Keep one bracelet for yourself and gift the other to someone special.

Each Togetherness Set is available in 4 sizes making them suitable for everyone.
Choose the size of each bracelet to complete your set.
Please note- These are a looser fit than the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Bracelets.

We have designed our own Accessories range so you can take care of your Kaysoo Crystal and Silver Jewellery.