KAYSOO “Togetherness” Crystal Bracelet Set

Always together, Never Apart, Sharing a bead that links to the Heart.

Kaysoo Togetherness is a set of 2 High Quality Crystal Bracelets that both share a bead from each other’s so you always feel connected to the other person.
Keep one bracelet for yourself and gift the other to someone special.

Each Togetherness Set is available in 4 sizes making them suitable for everyone.
Choose the size of each bracelet to complete your set.
Please note- These are a looser fit than the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Bracelets.

Kaysoo Togetherness has 3 main options

Amethyst and Rose Quartz
The Master Healer & Unconditional Love

Lapis Lazuli and White Agate
Stone of Wisdom & Good Fortune

Onyx and White Howlite
Stone of Strength & Protection

Each Kaysoo ‘Togetherness’ Crystal Bracelet Set is packaged in Bespoke Boxs, with an Information card about the bracelets and the healing energy it offers.
All of the ‘Togetherness’ Bracelets carry the Kaysoo signature 3 x Sterling Silver Beads.

Togetherness Bespoke

Choose your own Crystals!
Yes, you can design your own Kaysoo Bespoke ‘Togetherness’ Set by choosing 2 crystals you would like to combine.

Do you wish you could have more than one to give?
Maybe your a mum who has more than one daughter?
We can make you a Bespoke Togetherness Set
that includes just what you need.

For example-
Mum chooses the Amethyst bracelet with the Rose Quartz bead and wants to give her daughter the Rose Quartz bracelet with Amethyst bead. But she has 2 daughters and would like to give them both one…
We can make them unique to you, by making ‘Mums’ with 2 Rose Quartz beads (1 for each daughter) and include 2 rose quartz bracelets each with a Amethyst bead for each daughter to wear.
Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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