Kaysoo Stacking Bracelets and Rings

We love to STACK! Do you?

Sterling Silver 3mm and 4mm Beads make up our Kaysoo Ring Collection.
We have 4 different styles that mix and match with our Stacking Bracelet’s.
Easy to wear, roll them on to your finger and stack them with the 3mm stacking rings!

The Range-

Sterling Silver 3mm Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver 4mm Bead Ring
Sterling Silver & Clear Quartz Crystal 4mm ring.
Sterling Silver 4mm & 6 mm Clear Quartz Crystal ring.

Available in 2 Sizes- Size 1 & Size 2.
The rings are stretchy and will give between a few sizes. The size equivalent is-
Size 1- Approx 5.5-6.6cm UK Ring size- K-Q
Size 2- Approx 6.5-7.5cm UK Ring size- R-X

Our Kaysoo Stacking Bracelets are made in various designs made with AAA Grade Clear Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver beads, a great addition to your Kaysoo collection or to wear on its own.


Stack them next to your Kaysoo ‘Original’s, in between or either side.
The possibilities are endless!

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is know for its energy to protect against electromagnetic energy and as an amplifier to other crystal energy’s, so as well as looking beautiful it’s boosting the energy of other crystals you may be wearing or carrying with you.

Sterling Silver
We use finest Sterling Silver beads.
Silver is known to protect and reflect negative energies away from you, often known as the magical metal. Silver does not boost other crystals energy but it works to blend energies of all crystals to create a balance for the wearer. It is a high vibrational precious metal.

The Range
We have 4 different Stacking Bracelets to choose from.

Designs are-
3 Quartz- 1 Silver
3 Quartz- 3 Silver
3 Silver- 1 Quartz
Sterling Silver 4mm Beads.

Buy them individually or as a set of 3 and get 10% off!!
You can mix and match which stackers you want!
Pick all 3 the same, or choose which designs you would like in your set.

Choosing your size-
If you wear a XSmall- Small Kaysoo Original, choose Stacking size XS-Small.
If you wear a Medium- Large Kaysoo Original, choose Med- Lge.
If you require a different size, please let us know.