With over 60 years of combined experience in working with Crystal Healing and helping people to bring balance and alignment back into their energy field, Sue and Kate have always made up crystal prescriptions for their clients that are attuned and aimed at a specific healing need.

Blending different crystals together changes the energy vibration and creates a whole new healing energy. When we are trying to target a specific healing need, it’s important that the crystals chosen are ones that work in harmony with each other and help to boost and support each other, not work against each other creating an unwanted energy.

Over the years Kate and Sue have helped many people and have made a lot of Crystal Prescriptions for various needs, but have also noticed that there are some healing needs that get asked about on a regular basis, this is why the Crystal Prescription Range has now come to Kaysoo.

We will be adding more Crystal Prescription Bracelets to the range soon, supporting healing needs such as – Hormone Balance, Fertility, Happiness and Fun, Friendship, Energy Protection, Self Love and Heart Healing, Success… there will a selection of bracelets available that will be attuned specifically and also will make perfect gifts, a gift of healing for those you care about.

More Crystal Prescription Bracelets COMING SOON!


We are starting off our Prescription Range with the NEW Fibromyalgia Crystal Support Set which consists of a Kaysoo Fibromyalgia Crystal Bracelet and a FREE Body Soothing Meditation.

Don’t want the Free Meditation?, no problem select the option for just the Fibromyalgia Support Bracelet.

The Meditation is an easy and short guided meditation to follow, aimed at supporting your energy field and targeting the areas needed most for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia- soothing the nerves and easing the ache.

Fibromyalgia can leave us feeling out of balance on many levels and flare ups are just not fun! The aches and pains, brain fog and all the other stresses and symptoms that come with it leave us depleted and out of balance on a energy level as well a physically, mentally and emotionally.

Use code- FIBRO20 to get 20% off our Fibromyalgia Crystal Support Set and Bracelets.

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Check out the Fibromyalgia products for more information about how our bracelets can support you and why we created the Fibromyalgia Crystal Support Set.