Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Healing & Energy Protection

Kaysoo’s stylish and genderless bracelets are beautifully handcrafted with the aim to heal and protect against electromagnetic energies.
Using ethnically sourced crystals and Sterling Silver beads, the Kaysoo ‘Original’, is a Crystal Bracelet like no other.

Protecting ourselves on an Energy level has become more important than ever, the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet offers you Energy Healing through a crystal of your choice, plus the unique design and powerful, positive energy of Quartz to offer protection.

The Kaysoo ‘Original’ has been developed, backed by years of experience, trialing and testing to create the finished product, to create a bracelet that can help to offer a very powerful deflection from negative energy which we encounter during our days.
Worn correctly, the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Is a very Powerful Healing Tool!

The design of the bracelet is crucial to its efficiency, wear the three smaller Clear Quartz beads on the underside of the wrist/ palm of hand and the larger Clear Quartz bead on the top of the wrist/ forearm side.

The bracelet should be close fitting to receive maximum benefit.
To ensure everyone has the correct fit we make the bracelets in a range of 5 sizes.
Please measure your wrist and check our sizing guide for your correct size.

Wear simply as a beautiful fashion accessory, or select for the crystal benefits.

Stack them!! Kaysoo Originals look great worn in multiples of 2-3!
Team them with the Kaysoo Stackers for a different look!

We have 14 different Crystal choices in the Kaysoo ‘Original’ range.

White Agate
Lapis Lazuli
Rose Quartz
Green Canadian Jade
Yellow Aragonite
Smokey Quartz

Choosing for the Crystal Benefits?

There are 14 different Kaysoo ‘ Originals’ in the range, covering each of the Chakras plus more!
There is something to help on every energetic level and what’s better is by collecting the range you can mix and match and select by colour or energy each day.
If you would like help choosing which crystal is right for you, please contact us.
We are always happy to help.

Top Tip-
When we are choosing your crystal bracelets a good way is to go with what you are drawn to. Very often we are naturally drawn to the crystal energy we need to help us most.

Kaysoo ‘Original’ , Beware of copies!

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