Crystal Healing & Energy Protection

Mother’s Day Offer!! 20% off Kaysoo 3 Bead Bracelets… 💐🤩🥳💐.
💜Lavender Amethyst & Clear Quartz 💜and💗Rhodonite & Clear Quartz 💗

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Our Kaysoo 3 Bead bracelets are made from high quality crystal and sterling silver beads, available in 2 sizes and packaged in bespoke packaging. 😍

💜 Lavender Amethyst
-Promotes peace and eases stress
-Inspires wisdom through dreams and intuition
-Regenerates weakened energy
-Gentle and calm energy
-Excellent to enhance meditation to deeper levels
-Connected to crown chakra
🤍 Clear Quartz
-Amplifies Energy.
-Aids Concentration & Memory.
-Helps to balance energetic system.
-Protects against electromagnetic energies.
-Stimulates immune system and brings body back into balance.
-Clear Quartz harmonies, balances and aligns all the chakras.
💗 Rhodonite
-Strengthens love and relationships
-Aids psychic abilities
-Stress and anxiety relief
-Aid grief and mourning
-Dispels negative energy
-Promotes trust in others and situations
-Connect to the heart and base chakras

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