White Agate and Black Onyx are the crystals in the KAYSOO MONOCHROME Bracelet Collection.
Smart looking, White Agate and Onyx make a great duo and offer a positive energy to help boost your day.

A great choice of bracelet for Men and Woman, the Monochrome Collection is also a popular choice if you are looking for a Birthday Gift or a gift with meaning, gifting crystals is giving the energy of love and healing.

The Monochrome Collection has the same Unique Design as the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Bracelets, incorporating Clear Quartz in the Kaysoo design, so you get the same protection and energetic benefits from the Clear Quartz. Offering deflection and protection against electromagnetic energies.

-Stone of Hope or Worry stone
-Helps release frustration
-Stress & Anxiety
-Boosts Happiness
-Perfect for when you need Strength & Confidence.

“Stone of strength”
-Promotes stamina
-Boosts Self confidence & Self control
-Good for decisions making
-Aids grief
-Helps give us Strength
-Encourages happiness
-Brings Good fortune

-Amplifies Energy.
-Aids Concentration & Memory.
-Helps to balance energetic system.
-Protects against electromagnetic energies.
-Stimulates immune system and brings body back into balance.
-Clear Quartz harmonies, balances and aligns all the chakras.

Available in 5 sizes and designed to be worn as a close fit, please measure to get the correct size.
Choose which design you would like and add a KAYSOO Monochrome to your collection!

The Monochrome bracelets look great stacked with the Sterling Silver and Crystal 3 Bead Bracelets and our Kaysoo Sterling Silver and Quartz Stacking Jewellery, mix and match between the ranges and create your very own Crystal Healing Bracelet Stack!