Keeping your Jewellery clean and safe is the best way to make it last longer and keep it looking like new!
Don’t risk knocking and chipping the crystals by mixing them up with other jewellery, keep them nicely displayed where they won’t get knocked and you can easily see their beauty everyday.

We have two items in our Jewellery Accessories Range, both Kaysoo branded.

Jewellery Bracelet Stands By Kaysoo

Our Jewellery bracelet stands are custom made and designed by ourselves to bring you a simple, stylish and easy to use accessory for keeping your Kaysoo bracelets and rings looking beautiful on display!

Having your Jewellery visible and easy to reach makes your mornings efficient as you can easily select which Crystal Bracelet energy you are drawn to for the day!

Watch your collection of Kaysoo Jewellery grow and enjoy the Crystal energy on display.

Bracelet Stand Size- 14cm Width x 5cm Depth
In total they hold up to 12 original crystal bracelets, but look great with all bracelets and our stacking rings too!

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Jewellery Cleaning Cloths By Kaysoo

Small enough to keep in your handbag and easy to use, our Jewellery cloths will keep your Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled Jewellery sparkling and like new!

Cloth Size 15cm x 15cm
Each pack contains 2 Jewellery Cleaning Cloths, 1 x Grey and 1 x White Cloth.

Perfect extra little gift to go with any of our Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled Jewellery.

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