Kaysoo Story

From a background in Energy Healing and Crystal Therapy, Mother and Daughter, Sue Dabbs and Kate Alden, joined together with the same aim and goal-
To help more people understand the positive benefits of keeping their own energies balanced and protected and offering an easy way to achieve that.

Wanting everyone to experience a feeling of upliftment and self empowerment, benefit from crystal healing energy to promote an overall feeling of calm, balance and well-being.

The focus was to create a unisex ‘working’ piece of jewellery that was easy to wear and also offered deflection and protection against electromagnetic energies, something both Sue and Kate feel is needed with technology increasing.

Combining knowledge and over 60 years of experience between them, different things were tried and tested until the core of the Brand came together.

In November 2020, Kaysoo officially launched and the brands core product and the Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet was born!

A unique Kaysoo design and a ‘working’ piece of jewellery that offers crystal healing and helps deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies.

With a bespoke service available, you can always –
‘Start Your Day The Kaysoo Way’