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A place where we can share more in depth information about all of our beautiful crystals. Learn a little more about each one and it’s healing properties. How the crystal can help you and what benefits it can share.

We will be adding to our blogs on a regular basis, so please keep your eye out for the newest one. Each blog also has Audio so you can listen or read, whatever you find easier.

The Crystal Healing Energy of Angelite

22 Dec 2021

The crystal healing energy of Angelite is one of purification, protection, and connection to your spirit guides. Angelite can be used to clear negative energy from the aura as well as heal and protect you from psychic attacks. It is...

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Citrine The Crystal Healing Energy

01 Dec 2021

Citrine is a member of the Quartz family and due to its popularity, it has been given many names such as “The Merchant’s Stone”, “Money Stone” and “Stone of Wealth”. Although Citrine may be a light yellow, orange or brown...

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Onyx The Crystal Healing Energy

04 Nov 2021

The energy carried by this beautiful stone is said to cleanse other stones that are set with it. It strengthens our will power and helps us make decisions about how we want live life. Onyx has become increasingly popular as...

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Lapis Lazuli The Crystal Healing Energy

04 Nov 2021

Much of our knowledge about Lapis Lazuli has been gleaned from ancient texts and legends. In ancient times, the stone was called “Lazur”, a word apparently traced to the Arabic “la-zaward”, which means “lightning flash”. The symbolic link with lightening...

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Sunstone The Crystal Healing Energy

27 Oct 2021

Sunstone is quite a popular crystal that has the power to heal the emotions. It can be quite useful in calming your temperament during periods of grief, trauma or stress. Sunstone also brings up your spiritual self and gives you...

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Amethyst The Crystal Healing Energy

22 Oct 2021

Are you looking to connect with yourself on a new level? Do you want to feel more confident, beautiful and powerful in your everyday life? If so, then this amethyst healing stone is just what you need! Amethyst is a...

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White Agate The Powerful Healing Stone You Need

11 Oct 2021

Natural white agate is a powerful stone that can heal emotional wounds, calm nerves, and provide peace of mind. It can also help one feel more grounded in their day-to-day life. Wearing an agate bracelet at all times helps you...

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How to Build Up Self-Confidence and Self Esteem: Tips on Developing a Stronger Sense of Well Being

01 Oct 2021

Self confidence and self esteem are two of the most important things in life. When you have them, it is easy to feel happy and content with yourself. When you don’t have them, it can be hard to get out...

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