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Sue Dabbs and Kate Alden are the Energetic Healers behind the creation of Kaysoo.

A Mother and Daughter Team with the same drive and passion to help others.

Both Kate and Sue have many years of experience between them, working with their own Energy Healing system and they have worked with and gained an in-depth knowledge of crystals.
From this, they bring to you a bracelet that’s like no other, the Kaysoo ‘Original’. (see here for more details)

Sue has been a Crystal specialist and Energetic Healer for over 40 years.
Having travelled the World with her work helping thousands of people along the way, Sue feels that Kaysoo will be a perfect way to be able to reach more people and offer a very powerful healing and protection tool that’s easy to wear, genderless and also looks stylish.

Sue says-
“My passion for kaysoo developed from a desire to help people heal and to be protected in this age of technology against electromagnetic energy.
I love the idea that a beautiful item is also a gift of healing to either yourself or others”

Kate (Sues daughter) has also been a Crystal and Holistic Therapist for over 20years, Kate also teaches Meditation and helps people create and achieve an energetic balance within their life.
Having worked together and helping in each other’s businesses for those 20years, it’s a very exciting time as they join together to bring Kaysoo to the World!

Kate says-
“Our ranges have grown a lot since we started in Nov 20, but our Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelets will always be our main focus.
I wear 2-3 bracelets everyday and swap these depending on what i am drawn to.
We created Kaysoo because of the benefits we were having from the bracelets we made for ourselves and wanted to share that with as many people as possible.
Helping others is what we love to do, so please reach out to us if we can help at all.
The Kaysoo ‘Original’ is a unique bracelet and
I can honestly say that i am addicted to our own brand!”

Choose your Kaysoo Bracelet today and you will soon be receiving the crystal benefits.

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Sue Dabbs and Kate Alden are the Energetic Healers behind the creation of Kaysoo.

As seen inHolistic Therapist and Energetic Healer From UK | About Us Magazine  featuring our gorgeous Angelite, Amethyst, and Sunstone Kaysoo ‘Original’ Bracelet.

“Kaysoo’s stylish and genderless bracelets are beautifully handcrafted and are designed with the aim to heal and protect against electromagnetic energies. Their designs use ethically sourced quality crystal, teamed with sterling silver beads. Choose from a wide range of crystal or order bespoke bracelet from kaysoo.co.uk and follow @kaysoo.uk on IG” -Vanity Fair

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In this blog post, THE BALANCED MIDLIFE explores how crystals and KAYSOO can be used as an aid to support women during the perimenopausal period.

The Balanced Midlife blog is a popular website about the challenges of balancing one’s life as they age. It has been written by Charlotte Dillon, and she covers topics like menopause, perimenopause, relationships with children and spouses/partners, aging parents and more. The articles are often based on research findings but also include personal stories from readers who have generously shared their experiences to help others understand what they’re going through. This  article can be found here: Can crystals offer support during the perimenopause? – The Balanced Midlife

Holistic Therapist and Energetic Healer From UK | About Us

Kaysoo Signature ‘3 Beads’

“Three“ is considered by many to be a very lucky and powerful number, it is the number of-

Harmony, Wisdom and Understanding,
“Three“ represents Time-
Past, Present & Future : Birth, Life & Death : Beginning, Middle & End .
“Three” symbolises Growth, Power and Success.

The Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet contains 3 Quartz Beads to help protect you against Negative Energies entering the body and auric field.
Quartz crystal is a very powerful protector of negativity, especially Electromagnetic energies , combined with the unique design, makes it a very powerful protecting tool.

The Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelets have been designed to help Heal and Protect, and using 3 beads have become our signature.

The “Togetherness“ Crystal Bracelet Sets includes 3 Sterling Silver Beads and all future designs will include our signature in some way, a sure way of knowing you have a genuine Kaysoo bracelet!