Crystal Healing Jewellery

"Energise Your Day The Kaysoo Way"


Crystal Jewellery for every occasion! whether you are looking for a stylish piece of jewellery to set off your new outfit or a crystal bracelet to support your own healing needs, Kaysoo have a range of different bracelets and rings to choose from, all made from 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled beads and natural Crystal gemstones.

Balancing and boosting your own energy vibration on a daily basis, our Crystal jewellery is designed as high quality stretch bracelets and rings that suit all ages, sizes and are perfect for those who find a traditional style ring or bracelet difficult to wear.

Crystals can help us in many ways, they are particularly beneficial on an everyday level to help us release stress and calm anxiety, they offer a great support and can help boost confidence, self esteem, strength and stamina!
Crystals work and connect with us on a holistic level, each crystal having its own unique healing energy offering different healing benefits.

See the crystal guide here for a list of all our crystals.

Creating jewellery that helps you feel uplifted, self empowered, calm, offers healing energy and helps you feel pretty inside and out is what Kaysoo is about.
Our Unique design in the Kaysoo Original Crystal Bracelets are the core of our brand, they are our passion and what why we started Kaysoo.

Find out more and read our story here.

Crystal Healing Jewellery UK

“The KAYSOO ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet is what we are passionate about sharing with you, a unique, ‘working’ piece of jewellery aimed at healing and protection.”


Crystal and Sterling Silver Bracelets- KAYSOO Original Collection.

The Crystal Bracelet we are so proud of and the core behind our Brand!

The Original Crystal Bracelets are a collection of stylish, unisex bracelets that are all made by hand and designed with the aim to heal and protect against electromagnetic energies.

With a Unique design to Kaysoo and the addition of Clear Quartz crystal, there have over 20 crystal types to choose from, our Original Bracelets are also available in 5 size options.

All of our crystals are ethically sourced and we team our bracelets with Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled Beads to give you the best quality crystals and jewellery to enjoy.

If you are looking for a crystal bracelet that offers more than energy healing from your chosen crystal, then Check out the KAYSOO ORIGINAL BRACELET COLLECTION, a ‘working’ piece of jewellery to help deflect and protect against electromagnetic energies. Worn in a daily basis it’s a very powerful self healing tool.

We offer a bespoke service with our Jewellery, so if you have any questions or need any help choosing your Crystals, please contact us, we always willing to help.

Jewellery Designed to Heal and Protect





Taking you from day to night, healing to fashion and colour coordination with natural crystal and the choice of Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled beads.
Kaysoo’s Jewellery collections are unisex and perfect to wear everyday.

Keep reading to find out more about our Jewellery or go straight the the SHOP now.

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Sterling Silver and Crystal- 3 Bead Bracelets

The Kaysoo 3 Bead Crystal and Silver bracelets are a finer more delicate looking piece of jewellery.
Wear the 3 beads on the top or on the sides of your wrist, creating a different look each time!
In a pattern of 3’s, these bracelets are beautiful worn on their own, stacked with other 3 bead bracelets or teamed with any of the Kaysoo Original Crystal Bracelets and the Sterling Silver and Quartz Stacking Bracelets.

Each of our 3 Bead Bracelets have a Clear Quartz crystal for the centre bead, but you can choose your own combinations in the bespoke option.

Take a look and see how ‘lucky’ the number 3 is!


Want to create your own Crystal Bracelet? You can!

Choose from over 20 crystal types and 3 different unisex Bespoke Crystal bracelet options.

You can choose up to 3 different crystals to combine, all of the bracelets include Sterling Silver and are made by hand in our studio.

Bespoke Original Crystal & Sterling Silver Bracelets
Bespoke 3 Bead Bracelets-Sterling Silver & Crystal.
Bespoke ‘Bracelet’s 2 Share’ Gift Set- Togetherness Bracelet’s.

Give yourself the gift of crystal healing.
If you would like any help selecting crystals that can help you on a healing level, please contact us, we are more than willing to help.
Create a unique and special gift to give, a bracelet that’s made with thought and love, choosing the crystals to gift someone else is a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do, giving the gift of love and healing.
Take a look and start creating your very own piece of healing jewellery!!



Sterling Silver and Quartz Stacking Jewellery - Bracelets and Rings

Do you like a simple but stylish piece of jewellery?

Our Sterling Silver and Quartz Crystal Stacking Bracelets are a 4mm fine bead stretch bracelet.
Worn on their own they are a beautiful and simple piece of jewellery.
With 4 different designs in our bracelet collection and 4 different designs in our stacking ring collection, you can mix and match your Jewellery creating a different look each time!
Stack them together, stack them with the Kaysoo Original bracelets or the Sterling Silver and Crystal 3 bead Bracelets, the possibilities are endless!

Our Sterling Silver and Quartz bracelets and rings make beautiful gifts for friends, Birthday or Christmas gifts, or a special gift for someone special in your life.

Take a look at all the Stacking Bracelets here and get 10% off when you buy a Stack of 3!

KAYSOO MONOCHROME Bracelet Collection

White Agate and Black Onyx are the crystals in the KAYSOO MONOCHROME Bracelet Collection.
Smart looking, White Agate and Onyx make a great duo and offer a positive energy to help boost your day.

A great choice of bracelet for Men and Woman, the Monochrome Collection is also a popular choice if you are looking for a Birthday Gift or a gift with meaning, gifting crystals is giving the energy of love and healing.

Take a look at the range here and pick your MONOCHROME design!

BRACELETS 2 SHARE CRYSTAL GIFT SET ‘Togetherness Bracelets’’

Jewellery makes a perfect gift, so if you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for her or some stylish healing bracelets for men, then Kaysoo jewellery has you covered!

Our Jewellery is unisex and even better we have our ‘Bracelets 2 Share’ Crystal Gift Set, we like to call them our ‘Togetherness Bracelets’ as they are two beautiful crystal bracelets that share a bead from each other, set off with sterling silver beads and featuring our Kaysoo signature with the 3 sterling Silver beads underneath, each crystal bracelet comes in its own Gift box including information cards about the crystals and the meaning behind the ‘Togetherness Bracelets’. Keep one bracelet for yourself and gift the other to someone you want to feel close to.

Message is –

“Always Together, Never Apart,
Sharing A Bead, That Links To The Heart”

A special and perfect gift for those who you feel close to you or to gift to others.

Find out more about our ‘Bracelet’s 2 Share’ Crystal Gift Set here.

Jewellery Accessories- Cleaning Cloths and Bracelet Stands

Take care of your Jewellery, keep the sterling silver and 14k Gold Filled beads shiny and like new!
Our bracelets stands are perfect for showing off your beautiful bracelet collection and makes it easy to select which crystal energy you are drawn to for the day!
Take a look at our Jewellery Accessories Range.

gift voucher

Want to buy a Kaysoo as a gift but not sure which one to pick? Choose a Gift Voucher and the recipient can choose what Crystal is right for them.



Sue has been a Crystal specialist and Energetic Healer for over 40 years.
Having travelled the World with her work helping thousands of people along the way, Sue is very excited to be bringing Kaysoo to you all.

Kate who is Sues daughter has also been  Crystal and Holistic Therapist for over 20years, having worked together and helping in each other’s businesses for those 20years, it’s a very exciting time as they join together to bring Kaysoo to life!

Holistic Therapist and Energetic Healer From UK | About Us

Kaysoo Signature ‘3 Beads’

“Three“ is considered by many to be a very lucky and powerful number, it is the number of-

Harmony, Wisdom and Understanding,
“Three“ represents Time-
Past, Present & Future : Birth, Life & Death : Beginning, Middle & End .
“Three” symbolises Growth, Power and Success.

The Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelet contains 3 Quartz Beads to help protect you against Negative Energies entering the body and auric field.
Quartz crystal is a very powerful protector of negativity, especially Electromagnetic energies , combined with the unique design, makes it a very powerful protecting tool.

The Kaysoo ‘Original’ Crystal Bracelets have been designed to help Heal and Protect, and using 3 beads have become our signature.

The “Togetherness“ Crystal Bracelet Sets includes 3 Sterling Silver Beads and all future designs will include our signature in some way, a sure way of knowing you have a genuine Kaysoo bracelet!